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RoadEye S11

RoadEye S11

The S5 Dual Car Camera Recorder with GPS Logger includes:

      • Dual car camera with GPS logger
      • 640x480 Resolution
      • Built-in GPS Logger receiver
      • Plugs into Cigarette Lighter - DC
      • 2 Cameras - one facing inside, one facing outside
      • Window-mounted holder
      • Software with integrated google map viewer
      • Car power adapter
      • Instruction Manual
      • Installation Manual
      • Installation Materials
      • 4.25 L" x 1.77 W" x 1 D"

Features And Benefits:

    • Free Lifetime Tech Support - If you have any questions or need any help at all, we offer free lifetime tech support with this device.
    • Easy to Set-up and Use - This camera has been thoroughly tested and is voted very easy to setup and operate for anyone.
    • User Adjustable Settings - Adjust your camera’s settings to match your exact needs! It’s simple to setup and control!
    • High-Res Color Video - If you’re looking for the absolute clearest picture, this camera records gorgeous color video in high resolution.
    • Time and Date Stamp - If you’re looking to have proof exactly when your video was recorded, a time/date stamp will be perfect for you.
    • Records Audio - This hidden camera also records audio, so you can be certain you have all the evidence you need.
    • Completely Covert Design - Specially designed to blend flawlessly into any environment! No lights or noises that will make anyone suspicious.
    • Professional Grade Product - Know you’re getting the best quality with our high quality, professional grade surveillance equipment.
    • Adjustable Quality - Want the highest resolution video or do you want to use lower quality to conserve memory? It’s simple to adjust!
    • Record to SD Card - Use up to a 32GB card to store days of video. Easy to plug in and watch video playback on any computer.
    • HD Quality Video - This professional spy camera records in breathtaking, crystal-clear high resolution video.
  • Car camera records video and audio inside and outside of the car
  • GPS logger works with Google Earth to pinpoint exact locations and routes taken
  • Keeps track of driving data, like speed, location, time, and direction
  • Impact sensors trigger video recording automatically in case of an accident
  • Speed recording automatically records at a specified speed limit

Never miss a moment of action on the road with this dual car camera, featuring a GPS logger!

Anything can happen out on the road. You might see an accident, an amazing sunset, or nothing of interest at all. Hopefully not, but you might even get into an accident yourself. For times like these, you need the Blackbox Dual Car Camera & Recorder with GPS Logger, for sale right now! Just attach this car camera to the dash with a suction cup, and you can record video and audio inside and outside your vehicle easily to an internal SD card. That’s not all, though – the GPS logger inside works with Google Earth to pinpoint your exact location and route, while also recording detailed information about speed, location, time and direction. This piece of car surveillance equipment is professional grade – it won’t let you down! Keep more than just two eyes on the road and buy this car camera with GPS logger, for sale today!

Prove your case with true impact triggered recording and event recording!

Worried about he said-she said arguments ruining your day in court? Put your fears to rest with the Blackbox Dual Car Camera Recorder with GPS Logger. You can set your new car camera to record whenever it senses an impact – you’ll get footage from 10 seconds before impact and 30 seconds after, as well as speed and time data, guaranteeing you all the proof you need to reveal the truth. Other events, like braking and acceleration, can also trigger recording. Worried that you need to record extra footage? You can easily start recording in a pinch with the touch of a button! This dual car camera gives you the best car surveillance you can find anywhere!

With the Blackbox Dual Car Camera Recorder with GPS Logger, you can:

  • Record detailed accident data, video, and audio
  • Keep a video log of your next road trip
  • Catch drunk drivers on the road, and submit proof to the authorities
  • Monitor your teen’s driving habits
  • Have proof of your innocence
  • Plan more efficient travelling routes for business


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